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Google with a new shortcut to initiate meeting calls

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Internet search giant Google has expanded its .new link to include Google Meet. Javier Soltero, general manager and vice president of Google G Suite, confirmed this. He said: Oh, will do too. Don't mention it.

Writing in a web browser is a shortcut to enter the URL, where you can directly start Google Meet through the link. This is the web page that opens when users click Start Meeting on Gmail.

Just this week, Google added a shortcut for Android and iOS users to initiate a Google Meet video call to their Gmail app, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

After all smartphone users can use this feature, they will be able to see the meeting tab on the smartphone's Gmail application itself. In this tab, they will view all scheduled Google Meet calls in the calendar.

All of Google’s efforts are easily part of the company’s strategy for a video conferencing platform.

As early as April, the company provided Google Meet to everyone for free. The platform used to be part of G-Suite (Google’s productivity solution for businesses, organizations and schools). Google even stated that users can only have free meetings for up to an hour, but there is no limit until September 30.

Google also has a dedicated app for Google Meet that recently crossed 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.